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Recent Sightings​ & Fan Feedback


​Jeff Holds AIMS' Meeting for Mysterious Sightings at Rinks
Marietta, Ohio



AIMS Roundtable Discussion of Mysterous Sightings

Several times a year Jeff holds an AIMS meeting at Rink's Flea Market in Marietta, Ohio, where he runs his "PICKER'S" business.  People who have had mysterious sightings and/or encounters with the monsters of Appalachia come from all over the country to share their stories, ask Jeff to bring the AIMS' team to investigate or just listen to what others have experienced.  In fact, some of the eyewitnesses for Season 1 and Season 2 of Mountain Monsters were first met at one of these meetings.  What you see above is a round table discussion with some of those who had exceptional stories.


Unknown Creature: Path Valley Pig Man

"Good evening Members of AIMS, I write to you today with many unanswered questions. I may first tell you that I live in south central Pennsylvania, not far from where your crew does their work. While I was growing up, I had always heard stories of this creature that was roaming the mountains of a little town called Path Valley. The creature was known as the Path Valley Pig Man. Many say it is because his facial features resemble that of a pig. The unique thing about this pig man is that he walks on two feet, and stands about 6 ft tall, the same as that of a normal human being. Like many, I was extremely skeptical about this creature. That was until I encountered it myself one evening this past hunting season. I have done extensive research online and in libraries, and there is absolutely no available information on this creature. Most of it is local hearsay, so only locals like myself have available and logical information. This all stems around the small town of Path Valley located in south central PA. I strongly ask that you read this message with seriousness and understand that I am asking for the help of professionals like yourself. Please get back to me as soon as you can. I greatly appreciate your time."





Cat Headed Dog Creature

A Few Years Ago I Was Hunting Deer On The Land About A Mile Behind My House And I Had Shot A Buck For Dinner But As I Was Walking Over To It I Caught Something Out Of The Corner Of My Eye, And When I Turned There Was A Creature, Its Stood About 2 Feet Tall And Maybe 4 Feet In Length And It Looked Like A Cat With A Dogs Head But It Stood On 2 Legs With Small Arms.And When It Ran It Made A Screaming Type Noise, It Never Stopped Running (I Neither Did I! HaHa) But I Tried Setting Trail Cameras For It But I Never Seen It Again Until About 2 Weeks Ago I Was Planting Soy Beans And I Seen It Drinking On The Other Side Of The Pond Near The Field And It Was Black And I Think A Gray-ish Underside But It Looked Larger Than The First One I Saw. I Just Wanted To Share That With You, Thank You.



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